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pages based on superpowers and instead of saying the superpowers description only talk about the science of it, too.

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  • new page Transportation
    created by Astugart
    New page: powers to do with transportation superspeed teleportation flight
  • new page Dimensional
    created by Astugart
    New page: powers to do with dimensions and dimensional travel. Includes multiverse based powers
  • new page Biological
    created by Astugart
    New page: powers that have to do with the body and the bodies capabilities
  • discussion page Talk:Teleportation
    new comment by Astugart
    Comment: add stuff i did not know what to add post sources if you used any so i can check research
  • new page Teleportation
    created by Astugart
    New page: teleportation is the ability to move from one point to another without traveling the distance in between
  • edit Technological
    edited by Astugart diff
  • new page Technological
    created by Astugart
    New page: powers based around use of technology or tech based abilities list of powers technopath - communicate with technology with mind
  • edit Scienceofpowers Wiki
    edited by Astugart diff
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Ducksoup


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